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Final Faction: Alpha Team 1<BR>(5 Figure Set / 1:18 Scale)
Final Faction: Alpha Team 1
(5 Figure Set / 1:18 Scale)
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Final Faction: Alpha Team 1
(5 Figure Set / 1:18 Scale)

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In the year 2050, a large asteroid collided with our moon. Among the debris, we discovered a hibernating alien mothership. Now, the Kharn are awake and they want to plunder our precious natural resources. So, we recruited teams of special operatives to defend Earth from their alien threat. They are the Final Faction!

Alpha Team 1 is here to protect the Earth from the evil Kharn, and you can collect their action figures! These high-quality action figures, made of heavy plastic and ranging in size from 3.75 in. to 4.5 in., represent characters from the exciting cartoon, Final Faction.

Set Includes:

- Master Sergeant Steadfast: Alpha Team 1's leader, special operations and combat rescue expert, and cookie baker.
- Sergeant Ruck: the team's heavy weapons specialist and jokester.
- Sergeant Steel: cool, collected, and a highly trained air resource with multiple specialized air packs for any mission.
- Specialist Shift: trained in every form of combat and has "prevision" which allows her to see into the future to know her opponents' moves.
- Augmented Combat Rescue Mech (A.C.R.M): a breakthrough in virtual reality tech piloted by Boyd, a 15-year-old disabled boy.

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