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Geyperman British Paratroops (Late Version)
Geyperman British Paratroops (Late Version)
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Geyperman British Paratroops (Late Version)

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Muscle Body Geyperman figure in Paratrooper Regiment uniform. Last version of this equipment put on sale in 1982 and probably one of the most difficult boxes in the entire Geyper Man collection, given the short period of time that it was on sale until the cessation of production.

In this version, the name of the Parachute Regiment kit is changed to British Paratroops , as it had been years before.

As distinctive elements of this presentation we have the plastic belt used for this box (instead of the previous ones made of fabric or rubber) and the jacket fastened by automatic instead of zipper, changes that Geyper applied in the last years of production in order to Reduce costs.

It contains the following elements:

Beret with insignia
Plastic belt with two holsters
Colt 45 pistol
Cordoned off pistol holster
Bayonet and holster
FN FAL rifle
Individual display box in full color.

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