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Japanese Invaders 27th Wing<BR>(Siege of Port Arthur 1904)<BR>Uniform Set<BR>PRE-ORDER: ETA Q2 2024
Japanese Invaders 27th Wing
(Siege of Port Arthur 1904)
Uniform Set
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Japanese Invaders 27th Wing
(Siege of Port Arthur 1904)
Uniform Set

Brand: QO Toys
Part Number:GIQOM-1038
Availability: PRE-ORDER: ETA LATE Q1 2024
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Product Description

The siege of Port Arthur (August 1, 1904 – January 2, 1905) was the longest and most violent land battle of the Russo-Japanese War.

Port Arthur, the deep-water port and Russian naval base at the tip of the Liaodong Peninsula in Manchuria, had been widely regarded as one of the most strongly fortified positions in the world. However, during the First Sino-Japanese War, General Nogi Maresuke had taken the city from the forces of Qing China in only a few days. The ease of his victory during the previous conflict, and overconfidence by the Japanese General Staff in its ability to overcome improved Russian fortifications, led to a much longer campaign and far greater losses than expected.

The siege of Port Arthur saw the introduction of much technology used in subsequent wars of the 20th century (particularly in World War I) including massive 28 cm howitzers that fired 217-kilogram (478-pound) shells with a range of 8 kilometers (5.0 miles), rapid-firing light howitzers, Maxim machine guns, bolt-action magazine rifles, barbed wire entanglements, electric fences, arc lamp, searchlights, tactical radio signalling (and, in response, the first military use of radio jamming), hand grenades, extensive trench warfare, and the use of modified naval mines as land weapons.

Product Details:

Field Hat * 1
Shirt * 1
Field Uniform * 1
Field Trousers * 1
Hat Badge * 1
Qing Dynasty Student Hat Badge Neckband * 1
Leggings * 2
Musette Bag * 1
Shoulder Bag * 1
Leather Boots * 2
Leather Belt * 1
Blanket * 1
Kettle * 1
Kettle Cover * 1
Bayonet Cover * 1
Bullet Front Box * 2
Bullet Back Box * 1
Oil Pot * 1
Handmade Metal Solid Wood 30 Type Rifle * 1
Bayonet * 1
Bayonet Scabbard * 1
Metal Bullets * 5

Not including head sculpt and body, All made of genuine leather.

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