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Kung Fu Takeout: Pad Thaiger
Kung Fu Takeout: Pad Thaiger
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Kung Fu Takeout: Pad Thaiger

Brand: Lanard Toys
Part Number:GILN-32022A
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Dumpling City was always safe and never hungry, thanks to three rival kung fu chef vigilantes known as the Kung Foodies. Serving up tasty food by day and dishing out justice by night, These Kung fu master chefs each possessed legendary kung fu cooking powers. 

Fist of Curry was the legendary spice master and used his spices to concoct pounding massive amounts of noodles with his fists and used his night stick roller to roll through his foes. 

Chop Suey was the master of slicing and dicing and always traveled with his legendary Katana which helped him cut through anything from veggies to street signs. 

All was peaceful in Dumpling City under the watchful eyes of the Kung Foodies until the evil Teriyaki Triad came to town. Led by Mushu Master, they began to cook up his devious scheme to take over the city. He planned to brainwash the city through his evil fast food chain. With no one to stop him, Dumpling City could fall under the Teriyaki Triad’s control. The Kung Foodies would not stand for this and decided to take out Mushu and his evil chain once and for all .

Figure is approximately 5.75" tall. , packaged in a quasi Chinese Take Out Box

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