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Legends of the Hidden Force: Omen(1:18 Scale)<BR>PREORDER: ETA August 2024
Legends of the Hidden Force: Omen(1:18 Scale)
PREORDER: ETA August 2024
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Legends of the Hidden Force: Omen(1:18 Scale)
PREORDER: ETA August 2024

Brand: Whiskey Jack Toys
Part Number:GIWJT-OMEN
Availability: PRE-ORDER: ETA August 2023
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For centuries, the people of Horai have managed to keep their village a secret from the outside world. Horai holds a treasure that anyone, anywhere, would go to any lengths to obtain – a mystical flower that (depending on how you harvest, process, and ingest it) imbues temporary beyond-human abilities.

For hundreds of years there was one ninja clan that protected the flower and village from the supernatural horrors outside their gates, but infighting caused it to fracture into three rival clans.

One of the shining stars of one of those clans, Shinobi, has a sense of unease so strong that he is compelled to dig deeper causing him to slightly distrusts those around him for not also feeling it.

As our story begins, he is looking closer, through new eyes, at the unfortunate death of his mentor. His closest friends support him as he tries to gain perspective, despite none of them fully understanding the situation. As they set upon a path of discovery, they encounter a variety of others that have left Horai in the past, and a variety of pursuers, some seeking to get the mysteries out of him, some seeking to ensure they do not leave him.

Omen: Clairvoyant

Omen is the perfect ninja. Dedicated, honorable, persistent, deadly. His connection to the spirit world gives him a slight edge too. Includes: Backpack, Tekko-Kagi, Ninjato, Bow, Arrow.

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