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Lance Corporal Scott (Operation Urban Warrior ‘99)<BR>PRE-ORDER: ETA Q2 2021
Lance Corporal Scott (Operation Urban Warrior ‘99)
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Lance Corporal Scott (Operation Urban Warrior ‘99)

Brand: DAM Toys
Part Number:GIDAM-78079
Availability: PRE-ORDER: ETA Q2 2021
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Product Description

Operation Urban Warrior was a United States Marine Corps program created as an exercise meant to plan and test Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) and urban warfare in general. It was developed in the mid 1990s by the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory partly in response to growing problem on inner-city fighting, and especially made urgent following the Battle of Mogadishu in 1993.

Press materials from the Warfighting Lab in 1997 stated, "..the world is becoming increasingly urbanized and increasingly dangerous" and described a new fight zone called the "urban littoral," or coastal zone where most of the world's population will reside. "Parts of the urban littoral will contain all the classic ingredients for conflict. There will be social, cultural, religious and tribal strife between different groups. Many areas will have scarce resources, including the most basic ones like food and shelter as populations grow and resources shrink even further. The chances for conflict will naturally grow with it".

Some preferred to call it the "Three Block War". The concern that Marines would be made responsible for humanitarian assistance, as evidenced by the Bosnian War, was part of the original planning of the program. According to a 1997 Defense Monitor brief, the Marines were facing the burden of excessive operational tempo related to humanitarian concerns. The importance of getting the military out of humanitarian relief was expressed in the 1997 Center for Defense Information brief.

Part list:

Detailed Head sculpture
DAM 3.5 action body with over 30 points of articulations
Hands x4
USMC T-pattern urban camo BDU jacket
USMC T-pattern urban camo BDU pants
BDU belt
PASGT vest
USMC T-pattern urban camo PASGT vest cover
PASGT Helmet
USMC T-pattern urban camo PASGT Helmet cover
PVS-14/7 PASGT Helmet Mount Assembly
AN/PVS-7B night vision binocular
USGI Sun Wind & Dust SWD goggles
10’ Jungle Boots(black)
US Military issue tactical knee Pads(black)
US Military issue tactical Elbow Pads(black)
XM991/U flashlight
Lc2 suspenders
Lc2 individual equipment belt
Lc2 M16 mag ammo case x2
Lc2 water canteen cover x2
Lc2 first aid/ compass case
Woodland camo field pack
Medical case pouch
M9 bayonet with sheath
MILES (Multiple integrated laser engagement system)
Helmet mounted sensors
Torso mounted sensors
M89 simulator system firing laser
Green Key
M16A2 rifle
Rifle sling
Flash light
Blank-Firing Adapter
M16 mag x6
Handheld game console
Interactive play-cable
Trading Card game x3
Experimental urban combat skateboard (which is being used for maneuvering inside buildings in order to detect tripwires and sniper fire)

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