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Max: 4 in 1 Fallschirmjager w/Chute-4th Anniv
Max: 4 in 1 Fallschirmjager w/Chute-4th Anniv
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Max: 4 in 1 Fallschirmjager w/Chute-4th Anniv

Brand: Dragon Models
Part Number:GID-70300S
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Crete, 1941. A 4-in-1 set issued to celebrate Dragon's 4th Anniversary of 12 inch figure production. This version has all of the jump harness gear plus an actual chute. Includes ad 'diorama base' that makes him look like he's jumping. All buckles and clips function. Comes in a 'double-wide' box. ••Uniform: paratrooper helmet with helmet cover, 1940 fliegerbluse, field gray step-in jump smock, trousers, sport vest, neck scarf, jump boots. ••Equipment: MG cleaning kit, MG34 ammo case, MP 40 pouches, KAR98 pouches KAR98 bandolier, M31 Luftwaffe breadbag, belt, Y harness, RZ20 parachute pack, knee pads, wire cutter, gas mask pouch, S84/98 bayonet and scabbard, gravity knife with lanyard, map, M35 dispatch map case, telescope, water bottle. •• Weapons: M1939 egg grenade, M39 smoke stick grenade, M24 stick grenade, MG34 machine gun with ammo belt, P38 luger and holster, KAR98 rifle, MP40 SMG with magazine loader, flammenwerfer 41. Also included: cigarette, 3 set hands (including gloved), gateway of JU52, Luftwaffe Oberjager sleeve badge, parachutist patch, Kreta cuff title, Luftwaffe Oberjager shoulder tabs.Released in 2003.

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