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Nephthys (Black)<BR>PRE-ORDER: ETA Q4 2022
Nephthys (Black)
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Nephthys (Black)

Brand: Phicen Limited
Part Number:GIPH-2022197A
Availability: PRE-ORDER: ETA Q4 2022
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Product Description

Packing List:

1) x1 crown
2) x1 head sculpt
3) x1 TBLeague 1/6 scale female seamless body with metal skeleton
4) x1 one-piece armor for upper body
5) x1 cloak
6) x1 one shoulder shawl for right arm
7) x1 upper arm bracelet
8 ) x1 pair armor pieces for lower arms
9) x1 decorative belt for waist (cobra ornament)
10) x1 white waist belt
11) x1 pair armor pieces for thighs
12) x1 long skirt
13) x1 pair underpants
14) x1 fringe belt for left thigh
15) x1 snake design bracelet for lower left leg
16) x1 ankle bracelet
17) x1 a strip of fabric for fastening noto right ankle
18) x1 pair x sandals
19) x1 ankh symbol
20) x3 pairs interchangeable hands
21) x1 scepter

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