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Nohime Clothing & Head Sculpt Set (Blue Uchikake)
Nohime Clothing & Head Sculpt Set (Blue Uchikake)
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Nohime Clothing & Head Sculpt Set (Blue Uchikake)

Brand: I8 Toys
Part Number:GII8-C003C
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Product Description

Lady No, also known as Kicho, was the legal wife of Oda Nobunaga, a major daimyo during the Sengoku period of Japanese history. Her proper name was Kicho, but since she came from Mino Province, she is most commonly referred to as Nohime, other name of Mino Province, and hime means "lady, princess, noblewoman"). She was renowned for her beauty and cleverness.

Product Includes:

- Female head Sculpt (movable eyeball) x 1
- Uchikake (Blue) x 1
- Kosode x 1
- Standing collar x 1
- Petite x 1
- Tasuki x 1
-Hair rope x 2
- Naginata x 1
- Tanto x 1
- Japanese foldable fan x 1
- Amulet x 1
- Waraji x 1

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NOTE: female body not included (display only).

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