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Operation: Rescue & Relocate Figure Set<BR>(Limited Production Run)
Operation: Rescue & Relocate Figure Set
(Limited Production Run)
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Operation: Rescue & Relocate Figure Set
(Limited Production Run)

Brand: Elite Brigade
Part Number:GIEDF-C076
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Product Description

Limited Production Run - Only 6 Sets Made.

A solitary Florida Panther has strayed too far from the boundaries of its home in the Everglades! As a critically endangered animal, it needs to be safely relocated to the protection of the National Wildlife Refuge. Quickly reacting, the Elite Brigade dispatches their stealthiest Explorer to track down the elusive Panther and transfer it to the safe keeping of the National Wildlife Refuge.

To properly track the clever Panther without being seen, the Explorer conceals himself entirely in Jungle Camo and green face paint. As to not cause the animal any further distress or harm, the Explorer equips himself with a tranquilizing rifle to stealthily stun the big cat for its journey to the Refuge!

This figure set includes:

- Elite Brigade Body w/Green Hands & Head Sculpt
- Hooded Jacket & Over Pants (Jungle Camo)
- Short OD Green Boots
- Ammo Drum Satchel (Jungle Camo)
- OD Web Belt
- Binoculars
- General Purpose Pouch
- Compass
- First Aid Pouch
- Canteen w/Cover
- M24 Sniper Rifle
- Florida Panther

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