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SEAL Team 3 'Horsemen'<BR>PRE-ORDER: ETA Q4 2020
SEAL Team 3 'Horsemen'
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SEAL Team 3 'Horsemen'

Brand: Soldier Story
Part Number:GISS-120
Availability: PRE-ORDER: ETA Q4 2020
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FAST Maritime ballistic helmet (AOR1 pattern hydro dip
L4 G19 mount /w horn
GPNVG18 night vision goggles (LED ver.)
GPNVG18 battery box
GPNVG18 lens cover x 2
GPNVG18 LED light module (battery box) x 2
AG1 battery x 4
MPLS tactical helemt light
Manta strobe
Desert digital cap
Sunglasses (smoke lens)
Life-like Navy SEAL operator head sculpt
Weapon bare hand (1 Pair)
Bendable bare hand (1 Pair)
Bare Feet (1 Pair)
AOR1 LEAF Combat jacket
AOR1 Navy custom combat pants
Knee pad (1 pair)
Brown T-shirt
White inner vest
Tan CQB/Rigger's belt
Hiking boots (sewing)
AOR1 6094A front panel
AOR1 6094A back panel
AOR1 MMAC shoulder pads (1 pair)
AOR1 6094 Cummerbund
7.62 kangaroo pouch insert
AOR1 hand grenade pouch
AOR1 NVG pouch (medic pouch custom)
AOR1 hydro carrier
AOR1 canteen pouch
AOR1 Double 9mm pouch
AOR1 small utility pouch
AOR1 40mm pouch
Desert digital charge bag
Desert digital plate carrier hanger pouch
Desert digital weapon aiming laser pouch
Weapon aiming laser
Armor plate x 2
Personal retention lanyard w/ Kong clip
M67 hand grenade
Yellow light stick (short) x 2
Orange light stick (long)
Trauma shear (blue)
V-LITE (red)
Foretrex 101 GPS /w wristband
Tri-fold handcuffs (black) x 2
Carabiner x 2
Explosive breaching charge x 3
Hydration drink tube
Hydration drink tube cover
Hydration bladder
Bungee retention strap x 2
Ball pen (blk)
Waterproof pen (blk)
Waterproof pen (blue)
Combat application tourniquet
Sewing glove (1 pair)
MK54 MOD0 Firing device hand held
PRC148 tactical radio
PRC148 blade antenna
PRC152 tactical radio
PRC152 blade antenna
Comtac III headset (rail adaptor ver.)
U94 PTT (5 pin)
U94 PTT (10 pin)
FN MK17 MOD0 7.62 rifle
FN MK17 MOD0 front / rear iron sight
FN MK17 rifle magazine x4
MK17 Picatinny rail extension
NF rifle scope
WMX200 weapon light
Dual pressure switch
LA5/ PEQ laser pointer
Vertical foregrip bipod
40mm Pirate gun /w bungee sling
40mm M433 grenade x 4
40mm White star
AOR1 wide pad rifle sling
P226R 9mm pistol
P226 9mm pistol magazine x 3
AOR1 0372L holster
DARK velcro patch
Corn Fed White Boy velcro patch (white)
Corn Fed White Boy velcro patch (red)
AOR1 IF 4 Call sign velcro patch
ST-3 Horsemen round velcro patch
IR US black/tan velcro patch X 2
AOR1 Don’t tread on me velcro patch
Soldier Story Anniversary edition “ST-3 Horsemen” exclusive figure stand

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