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SEK Special Operations Command
SEK Special Operations Command
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SEK Special Operations Command

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Spezialeinsatzkommando (SEK) are police tactical units of each of the 16 German State Police forces. Along with the Mobile Einsatzkommando (MEK), Personenschutzkommando (Bodyguards) and the Verhandlungsgruppe (Negotiation teams in some states), they are part of the police Spezialeinheiten of each state.

Mainly unrecognized by the media and public, the main missions of SEK units are to serve high-risk arrest warrants and to deal with barricaded suspects. Hostage sieges, kidnappings and raids also belong to their missions as well as other scenarios like personal security detail for VIPs or witnesses. Since the 1970s, each SEK has handled several thousand deployments. The front-runner is the SEK of the Berlin Police with up to 500 deployments a year, an average of 1.4 deployments a day.

Product Details:

1. Head sculpt
2. 5.0 Body
3. Shoes
4. SFP9 pistol
5. Pistol Magazine*2
6. MP7 submachine gun
7. Sight
8. Gun rope
9. MP7 submachine gun magazine *4
10. Smoke bomb*2
11. Holster
12. Helmet
13. Gloved hands * 3
14. Tools
15. Headphones & Radio
16. Baton 1
17. Truncheon 2
18. Tops
19. Pants
20. Epaulettes
21. S3 Badge
22. Ray Badge
23. Chest Badge
24. Back Badge
25. Armband*2
26. o pos Badge
27. Waist pack Badge
28. Headgear
29. Chest bag
30. Submachine gun magazine bag*2
31. Pistol Magazine Bag
32. Walkie talkie bag
33. Medical kit
34. Weapon fixing strap
35. Waist bag
36. Backpack
37. Toolkit
38. Smoke bomb bag*2
39. Helmet cover

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