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Bitten: Don
Bitten: Don
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Bitten: Don

Brand: Asmus Toys
Part Number:GIAS-912963
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Asmus Collectible Toys presents the Bitten: Don Sixth Scale Figure.

The document of Johnson and Jackson has led the search of the origin of this deadly virus to the prison of Rikers Island. According to the document, some kind of secret experiment underwent at the lab of this facility. If this lead turned out to be true, may be the mystery of the origin to this undeadly virus could be found.

However, when Dr. Joie arrived at the lab of the prison, everything was destroyed by and not a single paper relate to this experiment was found. It was not until two prisoner zombies (Dave and Don) rushed into the lab and started attacking. 

It is obvious, Don and Dave were part of the experiments, their heads were shaved, hands still attached to a dripping stand, more importantly, the chests were cut open just like they were forensic autopsied. Which means, if there is a lead, it could be on them.

There is also something strange about Don and Dave, their skin turned to be slimy and colored in green and milky, there are symptom of abscess-like lump all over the surface of the skin, above the awkward appearance, these two monstrous zombies knew how to fire a machine gun! Could this be a simple coincide of muscle memory or we are now facing a new mutate?

Add this sixth scale figure to your horror collectibles display today.

The Bitten: Don Sixth Scale Figure features:

One (1) Asmus Toys’ Adam body
One (1) super realistic head sculpt of zombie codename - Don
One (1) zombie right hand in pinching pose
One (1) zombie left hand in natural pose
One (1) zombie left hand in twisted pose
One (1) zombie right hand in natural pose
One (1) breathing mask
One (1) drip stand
One (1)  pair of seamless arms
One (1) pair of white sneakers
One (1) piece of rib bones
One (1) set of ripped prisoner suit
One (1) Asmus Toys stand

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