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US 2nd Ranger Battalion Captain (1:12 Scale)<BR>PRE-ORDER: ETA Q1 2021
US 2nd Ranger Battalion Captain (1:12 Scale)
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US 2nd Ranger Battalion Captain (1:12 Scale)

Brand: Soldier Story
Part Number:GISS-M004
Availability: PRE-ORDER: ETA Q1 2021
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WWII Captain lifelike head sculpt
# Helmet / chin strap buckle & hook in METAL material
M1 Helmet /w captain rank printing
1.0 action figure body
Weapon Hand (1 Pair)
Fist hand (left)
Open hand (left)
Pointing hand (left)
Bare Feet (1 Pair)
M37 Wool shirt
M1941 Jacket (with Ranger patch)
HBT Pants
Assault vest (issue to 2nd Ranger Battalion)
M1938 Canvas gaiter & M43 boots (in one piece)
# All buckles, hooks in METAL material
M1943 Gas detection brassard
M7 Assault gas mask bag
M1926 flotation life belt
M1936 Belt
M1936 Combat suspenders
M1A1 30rd magazine bag
M1910 Canteen cover with cup
M1910 .45 Pistol magazine pouch
M1943 Entrenching tool
M3 Fighting knife
M1911 leather holster & M1911 pistol (in one piece)
Mk.II Hand grenade
M18 Smoke grenade (yellow)

M1A1 Submachine gun
M1A1 sling
M1A1 .45 30rd magazine (fit in SMG purpose)
M1A1 .45 30rd magazine x 4
M1911 pistol
M1911 .45 magazine (fit in pistol purpose)
M1911 .45 magazine x 2

Bridge section diorama

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