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Voyageur 'Jacques'
Voyageur 'Jacques'
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Voyageur 'Jacques'

Brand: Manitou
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The voyageurs were French Canadians who engaged in the transporting of furs by canoe during the fur trade years. The emblematic meaning of the term applies to places (New France, including the Pays d'en Haut and the Pays des Illinois) and times (primarily in the 18th and early 19th centuries) where transportation of materials was mainly over long distances.

The voyageurs were regarded as legendary, especially in French Canada. They were heroes celebrated in folklore and music. For reasons of promised celebrity status and wealth, this position was very coveted. James H. Baker was once told by an unnamed retired voyageur:

"I could carry, paddle, walk and sing with any man I ever saw. I have been twenty-four years a canoe man, and forty-one years in service; no portage was ever too long for me, fifty songs could I sing. I have saved the lives of ten voyageurs, have had twelve wives and six running dogs. I spent all of my money in pleasure. Were I young again, I would spend my life the same way over. There is no life so happy as a voyageur's life!"

Set Features:

1. Voyageur Figure with Rooted Hair
2. Breechcloths
3. Leggings
4. Shirt
5. Sash,
6. Toque
7. Capote Blanket Coat
8. Moccasins
9. Trade Blanket
10. Trade Blanket Mittens
11. Trade Blanket Gun Case
12. Flintlock Rifle
13. Flintlock Pistol
14. Powder Horn
15. Axes x2
16. Knives x2
17. Working Trap
18. Snow Shoes
19. Freight Sled
20. Candle Lantern
21. Kettle
22. Fry Pan
23. Tin Mug
24. Tin Boiler
25. Green Bottles x3
26. Bags for Food Goods x4
27. Trade Mirror
28. Trade Beads
29. Turtle Shell Medicine Bag
30. Turtle Shell Rattle
31. Possibles Bag
32. Drinking Noggin’
33. Paddle

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