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WWII 1944, Hurtgen Forest: US Army Infantryman,<BR>PRE-ORDER: ETA Q4 2022" />
WWII 1944, Hurtgen Forest: US Army Infantryman,
'The Big Red One'
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WWII 1944, Hurtgen Forest: US Army Infantryman,
"The Big Red One"

Brand: Ujindou
Part Number:GIUD-9017
Availability: PRE-ORDER: ETA Q4 2022
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- M1 Helmet x1
- Army Cap x1
- M1943 Field Jacket x1
- M1943 Trousers x1
- M1938 Raincoat x1
- M1939 Overcoat x1
- Scarf x1
- M1943 U.S. Two-Buckle Boots 
- M1936 Pistol Belt x1
- M3 Shoulder Holster x1
- Thompson 5 Cell Ammo Pouch x1
- Thompson 3 Cell Ammo Pouch x1
- Army Lightweight Gas Mask Bag x1
- M1938 Map Case x1
- Army Blanket x1
- Thompson M1A1 submachine gun x1 made with wood and metal
- Thompson 30-Round Magazine x3
- Thompson 20-Round Magazine x5
- M1911A1 .45 caliber Pistol x1
- 1st Infantry Division Badge
- Head Sculpt
- Body w/Relaxed Hands
- Gun Holding Hands

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