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Zombie Dog 3.0<BR>PRE-ORDER: ETA Q1 2021
Zombie Dog 3.0
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Zombie Dog 3.0

Brand: JxK Studios
Part Number:GIJXK-049
Availability: PRE-ORDER: ETA Q1 2021
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Zombie Dog is a fictional creature from Capcom's Resident Evil series. It first appeared in the video game Resident Evil 1996 and has since been a recurring feature in both the video games and the films. Zombie Dog is a domesticated canine infected with the T-Virus through its secondary method, namely the ingestion of infected food or organisms. They are separate from the Cerberus; the latter was created specifically as a Bio Organic Weapon (B.O.W.), while zombie dogs are viewed and treated as unintended side-effects of t-Virus dispersal and are thus classified as irregular mutants.

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