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1745 Rebellion: Jacobite Highlander
1745 Rebellion: Jacobite Highlander
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1745 Rebellion: Jacobite Highlander

Brand: Greystones Collectibles
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Niallghas a Highland Chieftain, fought against British rule in the Scottish Highlands in the 18th century in allegiance to the man he believed was the rightful King and heir to the British throne, Prince Charles Edward Stuart. The 1745 Jacobite uprising ended with a bloody battle at Culloden near Inverness, 16 April 1746, eventually bringing to an end centuries of inter-clan conflict in the Scottish Highlands and the Jacobite cause.

Niallghas's weapons were developed for close quarter fighting. The targe (or shield) was always carried on the left arm with the dirk (or dagger) in the left hand and the broadsword in the right. The set includes:

-Multi-pose body
-Realistic head sculpture (Thanks to Tony Barton)
-Hilted sword and scabbard with shoulder belt
-Shield (Targe)
-Dagger, scabbard and belt
-Flintlock pistol
-Powder horn and pistol shot bag
-Blue bonnet hat with white cockade
-Provisions shoulder satchel
-Tartan plaid and Celtic clasp
-Tartan jacket (real pockets)
-Waistcoat (real pockets)
-Shirt with drawstring neck-Shoes,Socks and tie straps
-Historical Battle Map complete with real red wax seal
-Greystones display stand

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