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Pre-Order Terms and Rules

Updated February 28, 2020

•What is a Pre-Order?

Most action figure manufacturers announce new products months in advance of production and we start taking orders right away. Some items sell out before they get here, so Pre-Orders are a way to be sure you don’t miss out on popular items.

When you spot something that you definitely want to buy when it gets here, we’ll take your advance orders and keep track of them for you. If you are not sure that you want an item, or don't know if you will be able to afford it when it arrives, create a Wish List in your account and keep track of the item there.

Payment is not required at the time of the order although you may pre-pay if you prefer. By submiting an order on this website or by phone for a Pre-Order item you are guaranteeing to Cotswold that you will pay for the item on arrival (or sooner if you prefer). The Pre-Order program is a service offered in Cotswold’s sole discretion and failure to honor your agreements about the terms of Pre-Orders may affect your eligibility to use the service.

In some cases a Non-Refundable Pre-Order deposit will be required. If so, it will be stated in the item description and confirmed by our staff once the deposit is collected. By paying the deposit you agree that you understand that the deposit amount will not be refunded or transferred to other purchases if you do not complete the full payment. Should the manufacturer fail to produce the item, the deposit will be refunded to you.

•When will a Pre-Order Arrive and Ship?

Each Pre-Order item shows an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) provided solely by the manufacturer and subject to change without notice.  Q1 means January to March, Q2 means April to June, Q3 means July to September, Q4 means October to December. Manufacturers often have production or shipping delays, so the estimated time is not guaranteed. If you have a deadline for receiving the item, please contact us. Often a Gift Certificate for the item can be arranged.

Once a Pre-Order reaches our warehouse we will ship it out as soon as possible (usually in 1 to 2 days) if it is prepaid. You will receive an email notice with a tracking number at the time of shipping.

If your agreement is to pay on arrival, then we will email you or send you a PayPal payment request, depending on the payment arrangements you selected with your order (see below).  By prior arrangement, we also can automatically bill a credit card you have saved in your account and either ship immediately, or hold the item to ship when other come into stock. Usually there is a three month limit on how long a paid item can be held in our warehouse. If you would like to make individual arrangements for how your Pre-Orders will be handled on arrival, please include your request in the comments of your order when it is submitted or contact us by phone or email.

Orders that contain both In-Stock and Pre-Orders will be split with separate shipping charges applied (unless other arrangements have been requested in your comments and agreed to by our staff). When possible we will help keep your shipping costs lower by combining items arriving near the same date.

•Payment Options for Pre-Orders and Back Orders

When you submit your order, please review the payment options carefully.

1.  CREDIT CARD Policy for Pre-Orders

We will validate your card details at checkout via an authorization for your total order amount. We will 'capture' (keep) the part of the authorized amount that is needed for any deposit, or any in-stock items, including shipping amount needed for the in-stock items. The part of the authorization we don't keep will usually return to your 'available funds' balance within a few days. Usually by the time the Pre-Order item arrives, its authorization will have expired and we will contact you about the payment.  If you have elected to save your card information (it is held securely by, not by us), we can work with them (with your permission) to bill the card you saved.  Otherwise, we will need to get your card information again by phone.

2.  PAY PAL POLICY for Pre-Orders 

Because manufacturers frequently miss their stated date for arrival, we strongly recommend that you do not pay in advance for pre-orders. Instead we prefer that you use this option:

--Pay with PayPal on Arrival: Note, however, that your order must contain only Pre-Order or Back Order items to use this payment method. Make a separate order for in-stock items. You will not go to your PayPal account, and no funds will be taken from your account. Later, when your items arrive, we will notify you and send you a PayPal request. 


If you will send in a payment when we notify you that your Pre-Order arrived, or if you are not sure how you want to pay when they arrive, use this option.

Once you  have been notified that your Pre-Order has arrived, the payment must reach us within 7 business days or your order may be cancelled.

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